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Monday, 9 April 2012

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BREAKING NEWS: Zardari caught buying pirated DVD of Agent Vinod, held by Delhi Police and then allow him to go after investigation


Zardari did the sin out of frustration of banning movie in Pakistan

A leaked government document discloses that Asif Ali Zardari was held in a Delhi Jail for entire 10 minutes, after Delhi Police caught him while buying a pirated DVD of Agent Vinod in Delhi's unnamed crowded market place.

"Yea that's correct. Zardari was negotiating price of Agent Vinod's pirated DVD with a shop keeper while our constable Ram Vilas Paswan held him," said B.K. Gupta, Police Commissioner of New Delhi.

He said "Constable was doing his duty. He made a usual surprised raid on the day when Zardari was shopping a Pakistan-banned movie DVD of Agent Vinod. As his duty, Ram Vilas caught him and took to Police lock-up where within 10 minutes government officials came and released him immediately."

While Gupta appreciated that duty comes first attitude of Ram Vilas he also raised question that a person on a prestigious position should not act that way.

Gupta said "Ram Vilas is one of those talented constables who have saved some bit of shame for Delhi Police force which is highly criticised as security guards for politicians. However, Zardari could have resisted his obsession and could behave legally."

While India Satire reporter tried to call Zardari, the call got unanswered. However, Saif said "There was no mistake of Zardariji. India has huge amount of piracy and I would recommend Indian government to call ISI to stop piracy.

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