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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

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Facebook added additional authorization with acquisition of Instagram


User will have to show photo of peeing

Facebook announced that its intention to acquire Instagram was not to increase convenience in sharing photos and images from user's smart phone but to add as an additional authorization tool  along with Captcha.

Mark Zuckerberg in an immediate statement after rumour created by India Satire of cancelling deal said "Users need more security mode. Facebook will be first to add such a secured authorization to users so that his privacy will remain intact."

He said "Instagram is a convenient tool which easily allows user to take, filter and share his photo on Facebook, Twitter and bloody Google +. After Facebook's acquisition of Instagram user can easily click his/her photo peeing, filter it to match the best practices of the industry/Facebook so that an additional authorisation with Captcha will be created which will help him to access many important applications."

Mark said "Captcha sucks! Many times it is so much irritating that it gets difficult to understand whether it is a number word or any other fucking Greek/Latin/English symbol. Instagram will be a more secure, personal mode and maintaining privacy protocols of the users. We decided to use photographs snapped through your iPhone or any Android phone while peeing. These photographs then filtered as per requirements of Facebook best practices wing so that no computer spy will be able to enter in the wall."

Facebook has recently faced great humiliation and funny remarks of Satirists over its acquisition of Instagram. Few Instagram users threatened to delete their Instagram profiles as they don't want to migrate to 'ridiculous' Facebook.

Inspired from Sean Percival's tweet

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