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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

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SURVEY: 5% Indians think Chacha Digvijay Singh's statement makes any sense

Madamji, Rahul Baba and few Congressmen were not considered in these 5%

A survey carried out by a private agency, India Intellectuals Research Foundation (IIRF) suggests that 5% Indians think that Chacha Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha). The survey of 1252 people from different states, different income backgrounds and different political parties revealed these shocking results. The survey shocked everybody as general perception was that Diggy Chacha was most intelligent creature in the universe.

"We conducted a totally non-biased and nonpolitical survey and therefore it has a weightage," said Deepak Sharma, one of the surveyors of a team of 11 surveyors.

These shocking results stir the political temperature across the states and political parties, particularly Congress and BJP.

Diggy Chacha thrashed the authenticity of the survey "WTF! The survey is totally nonsense. I don't agree with the numbers. It is as idiotic as exit polls in the Uttar Pradesh. I can prove any time that at least 10% of Indians feel that my statements make sense. And I would like to know how the agency arrives at the number."

The survey was conducted by IIRF after looking at the reactions of people on Diggy Chacha's statement that Shivraj Singh Chouhan a 'coward'. Chacha opened his mouth after a long time, digesting the serious loss his party faced in Uttar Pradesh elections.

Tram leader of Survey, Shantikant Dubey said "We thought it was right time to ask people whether they really give importance to whatever Diggy says. We, however, not consider views of Congress party's senior leaders which include Soniaji, Rahulji, Manmohanji."

Diggy Chacha was in denial mode, he said "I would like to ask them few questions. How many Congressmen included in the survey? How secular is the survey? Did they consider higher weightage to Dalits and Muslims or did they take everyone's vote as equal? I am sure that the surveyor follows RSS and hasn't really considered reservation while conducting the survey otherwise it would have given at least number 80% instead of 5%."

Congress party gave mix reactions to the numbers.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said "Congress party respects personal opinions of its voters and aam admis. Whatever they have thought we can't contest but the survey could have more transparent. 5% looks very small."

Congress Party's minister Sriprakash Jaiswal said "The survey is hopeless and it didn't consider Soniaji and Rahulji's vote. Surveyor could have given both of them due respect and higher weightage."

Salman Khurshid, senior party leader asked whether surveyor really gave adequate muslim reservation before conducting it.

Kapil Sibal said "Yea, I am sure surveyor used opinions of those fuc*ingly id*otic netizens who doesn't have respect and humble language to convey their messages. Forget about Diggy, I am sure despite my unpopularity, India's 10% intellectuals will definitely vote for me that my statements make sense." 

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