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Saturday, 3 March 2012

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Times of India survey suggests 85% of Ethiopian wants Rahul Baba to be Prime Minister of India

Ethiopian Farmer craving for Rahul Baba to have
dinner at his residence

Competition gets severe among newspapers in buttering Congress and Rahul Baba; HT claims its Mozambique survey is more reliable than TOI

A poll conducted by India's leading news paper Times of India (TOI) to check the popularity of Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Baba), 85% of civilians of Ethiopia want Rahul Baba to head India. The outcome was supported by a survey of TOI's rival news paper Hindustan Times (HT) survey in Mozambique, a developing nation in Africa. HT survey suggests that 92% people in Mozambique wants Rahul Baba to become Prime Minister of India. The survey also suggests that Indian government’s most efficient Food Security Act brought the need for country integration among many African countries.

“Yes, it was necessary to conduct such survey in other countries, particularly countries like African. We wanted to see the widespread charisma of Rahul Baba to understand how the Indian government was performing and how much he was famous among the women of African countries,” said Prakash Trivedi, surveyor of TOI.

Rally in support of Rahul Baba for becoming India's PM
Trivedi said “We placed two questions in front of people in Ethiopia. First was whether they want Rahul Baba to become India’s prime minister or do they want Baba to become Ethiopia’s prime minister. 85% of respondents answer that they want Baba to become India’s prime minister.”

Trivedi informed Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) reporter that India’s Food Security Act is very popular in African countries and therefore they believe Rahul Baba is a savior for poor people and aam-admi.

He said “Our survey gave mind-boggling results. Out of 10 women of Ethiopia, 9 wanted to marry Rahul Baba. One was out of question as she was either married or didn’t want to have extra-marital affair.”

Trivedi said “We have sent our results to Congress Party Hi-command and suggested them to take the benefits of Rahul Baba’s charisma and introduce a Food Security Act in these countries along side in India.”

Hindustan Times, another leading news paper thrashed on TOI saying that the idea generation was from HT under its Rahul 2.0 campaign.

“TOI has copied the entire leaf from our campaign Rahul 2.0 which is most exhaustive work on Rahul Baba’s every step during the election campaigning. Our correspondent is closely tracking Rahul Baba every time, since when he wakes up till says good night to Mummy. Since when he goes to toilet, bathroom, when he has his exercise, when he drinks his Bournvita and when Diggyji slaps Amul butter on his bread just to enlighten our young readers about their heartthrob. Everything is tracked by our correspondent. There is shameless thing that TOI did by copying the theme of our campaign,” said Sanjoy Narayan, Editor-in-chief of HT.

Mr. Narayan, however, said “We immediately contacted to Congress party spokesperson Diggyji showing him that we generated the entire idea so that TOI would not able to take the credit of that survey.
However, Prakash Trivedi claimed that TOI was the first to initiate that theme to understand the popularity of Rahul Baba.

Dream Man for Ethiopian Girls
He said "I would like to claim the real success of the survey. Today, TOI showed that it is not just an Indian news paper but also a global one. This is a first kind of survey that would have been taken in other country."

When DCFC reporter asked Trivedi, HT also took such kind of survey in Mozambique, he said "That survey was totally biased towards Congress and Rahul Gandhi. Our survey shows result that only 85% Ethiopians want Rahulji as prime minister of India while their survey shows 92% people of Mozambique want, which itself suggests that HT wants to lure Rahul Baba," Trivedi said.

Trivedi also told that HT’s survey was not comprehensive as the surveyor didn’t ask whether women in Mozambique want to marry Rahul Baba.

He said “While 90% women in Ethiopia wanted to marry Rahul Baba, 98% people invited Baba to have dinner at their home.”

While HT surveyor Ramchandra Agarwal claimed that its survey was totally non-biased and transparent, he also gave a new direction to the entire idea.

He said "Our competitors and ordinary readers though made opinion that we always buttered Congress and Rahul Baba, we never did it. If any of our news showed buttering the government, it should be taken as sarcastic or satire."

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