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Thursday, 1 March 2012

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Chacha Digvijay Singh honoured with Doctorate on his birthday for his immense contribution to politics

Diggy Chacha Birthday Bash

Tribute to Diggy Chacha, Congress released a book ‘Sucking the brain for political gain’, Rahul Baba promises marriage this year

Whole India celebrated 65th birthday of its favorite Chacha Digvijay Singh, Tuesday. For a change, Congress party activists were also very active and seen demanding a special Bharat Ratna-Entertainment award to Diggy Chacha. Party president Sonia Gandhi announced a doctorate to Chacha for his immense contribution to the area of politics in India, before she headed to USA for regular check-up. Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) correspondent brings you the report of birth day celebration of Diggy Chacha.

Whole nation celebrated Diggy Chacha's birthday

Whole nation, then be it common man, bollywood celebrities, cricket personalities or even politicians, all celebrated Diggy Chacha's birthday on Tuesday.

Book Launch

Congress honoured Diggy Chacha with doctorate, released a book with his quotes

Congress Party honoured a doctoral degree to Chacha Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) for his immense contribution in the areas of political communication.  Before heading to America for a ‘Regular Check-up’ party President Sonia Gandhi sent a special message addressing entire nation that she was grateful that she was the bahu of the country where immortal souls like Diggyji resides.

Doctor Diggy Chacha
“This doctoral degree was just a small payback of Diggyji’s contribution in tomorrow’s India with Rahul Baba,” said Soniyaji.

“Now onwards Diggyji will be called as Dr. Digvijay Singh,” said Soniyaji.

On this auspicious day, party workers also published an encyclopedia to successful political career. The book contains only quotes of Diggy Chacha which made time to time to direct and attract Indian youth towards politics. The book was written by Manish Tewari in his free-time. Name of the book is “Sucking the brain for political gain”.

Rahul Baba promised Diggy Chacha about his marriage this year

Baba and Chacha in serious discussion
Rahul Baba confirmed that Diggy Chacha was his real and only mentor through-out his life.

“I never like studies before I met Diggy Chacha. I hated my college and post-college education which was really boring. But with Diggy Chacha I grew up like a best student. My interest in understanding aam-admi and India’s youth rose because of Diggy Chacha. I promise Chacha on this auspicious occasion that I will surely marry this year,” said Rahul Baba.

A bunch of people witnessed wet eyes of Diggy Chacha after Baba’s speech.

Cities were flooded with huge crowd and traffic jams

Many cities were flooded with lakhs of activists demanding a small glance of Diggy Chacha on his birthday, which also created a serious challenge for Municipal Authorities in managing the traffic jams.

Millions of people wished Diggy Chacha happy birthday

Our Mumbai correspondent noted world's longest traffic jam. Commuters from Churchgate to Andheri took at least 8-10 hours, as many activists and supporters demanded prestigious Bharat Ratna in Entertainment award to Diggy Chacha.

Rakesh Jethmalani, an ardent follower of Diggy Chacha said "We want Diggy Chacha to get this year's Bharat Ratna for entertaining us. Our squad of 22000 people is ready to sit on the indefinite fast."

However, commuters which faced the problem of traffic jams were also demanding the best entertainer award for Diggy Chacha.

Sudesh Oberoy who was inside his Bentley for over 6 hours said "We are used to track Diggy Chacha on regular basis he is real entertainer."  

These activities witnessed in all the other major cities of India, including all the metros.

Government employees successfully conducted strike attributing it to Diggy Chacha

All the major trade unions called an all India strike yesterday which received great response from the government employees. Sources said that all the government employees stayed their homes eating cakes and pastries while wishing Diggy Chacha on his birthday.

Few notorious politicians like Mamta Banerjee denied the success of the strike while trade unions claimed that it was the most successful of all the strikes in India.

Suryakanta Mishra, leader in Bengal said "All the employees took a leave for 24-hour to just wish to Diggy Chacha on his birthday."

Unveiling the main intention behind the strike, Mishra also said “It was a rumor that we called this strike for the purpose of rising inflation or squeezing our work time from 8 hours to 4 hours. The main reason was to allow government employees to celebrate Diggyji’s birthday.”

Railways distributed hygienic food to its passengers free of cost

For a change, Indian railway distributed purely hygienic food and water at a free of cost to its commuters just to tribute to Diggy Chacha.

"In spite of spending thousand rupees on AC sleeper class ticket we get totally unhygienic and useless food. But yesterday, to our amazement we got hygienic food with clean spoons and other cutleries," said Satish Gupta, a regular Rajdhani Express traveller.

A second class traveler, however, was furious on the management of Indian railways for not informing before time about the food distribution. Sanjay Chawla said “We brought our food tiffins because the ridiculous quality of Railway food. But now we felt we did a big mistake.”

All flights were on schedule yesterday

All the flights scheduled on right time yesterday, as oil marketing companies announced free Aviation Turbine Fuel to aviation companies just to dedicate this discount to Diggy Chacha.

Kingfisher Airlines head Vijay Mallya said "After a long time, Kingfisher's flights took off at right time. We also reduced our debt burden by 1 day."

To avoid any nasty event such as cockroaches found in the food on this auspicious day, Jet Airways checked its entire food basket before serving it to its passengers.

Other Notable Events
  • Karan Johar said that Diggyji will be Kancha Cheena in his next sequel of Agneepath’s sequel
  • Karunanidhi promised voters of building Diggyji’s temples in Tamilnadu if they vote him again
  • Kapil Sibal gave a commitment that he will not chew his own words or pan masala or gutkha or any kind of tobacco products to honour Diggy Chacha
  • Nitin Gadkari promised Diggy Chacha that he will lose weight in more natural manner
  • Mayawati sent her own pair of sandals to Diggy Chacha which exactly fitted in Chacha’s foot
  • Mulayam Singh Yadav promised that he will not use of his nose before calling ‘Digvijay Singh’
  • Pakistan announced prestigious “Mullah Nasruddin Award” to Diggy Chacha

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