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Monday, 5 March 2012

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Rahul Baba should take retirement if Congress doesn't score 100 in UP elections - Political expert Inder Chappal

Rahul Baba's mission 100 seats in UP, Sachin still away from 100 runs 

Voices from political experts are now stronger over delivering capabilities of Rahul Baba

Echoing the voices of cricketing experts who are consistently forcing Sachin Tendulkar to declare his retirement from one-day format of Cricket, many political experts are now raising questions over Rahul Baba should allow to campaign Congress party in upcoming elections or should he be rested or should he asked to take a retirement.

Hard liner political expert Inder Chappal said "What could have been a glorious entry in the politics through the success in Uttar Pradesh elections for Rahul Baba may turn into an ongoing of missed opportunities, leading to frustration all round."

Chappal said with every sundry and useless politician is taking blame on himself for his failure to get the elusive 100 seats in the Uttar Pradesh election, it was high time for him to look at himself. 

Many insiders from Congress Party also asked Rahul Baba to forget dream 100 number in the UP elections are practice better for delivering as like Indian team insider Gautam Gambhir asked Sachin Tendulkar.

However, does the 100 number important for Rahul Baba and would it really make sense that he should retire if he doesn't achieve 100 seats in UP elections.

Chappal said "For Rahul Baba's caliber that described by Diggyji time to time should at least deliver 100 and not lesser than that. So it is unnecessary if Diggyji wants to take blame on himself or wants to shift on somebody else."

When Diggy Chacha Fan Club asked another political expert Mayawati who is now chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, she said "Uttar Pardes voters will show him my sandals and he should take retirement."

Nitin Gadkari, a political expert from BJP said "Whatever Chappal said was correct and 100 number would test Rahul Baba's skills and if he doesn't deliver, may be Congress can take Varun Gandhi from us for free of cost."

When asked whether Rahul Baba should take retirement from elections and politics if he doesn't score 100 in UP elections. Diggy Chacha said "Madamji clearly told BCCI (Board of Congress Community of India) that 100 score was my responsibility and still I am going to join politics even if we don't achieve that number and therefore please stop your fu**ing commentary on politics."

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