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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

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Court damns Center's claim that thumb-sucking is a gay gesture

Wrongly mentioned in the petition pulled Supreme Court's ire

Pulling up the legs of government's stand on decriminalisation of gay sex, Supreme Court of India said "Don't make mockery of the system and don't waste court's time."

The event came after the court saw that the government's petition said that thumb-sucking exercise can be treated as a gay activity. The activity, if seen would be punishable as a sub-category under Gay-Oral Sex under section 377 (unnatural offences) of the IPC with a maximum punishable of life imprisonment.

"Actually, it was mistakenly placed in the petition and there was no intention to hurt thumb-sucking exercise of a kid population in India," said Brijendra Mishra, an official of the health ministry, after a lobby of children under 4 years age threatened to pull government in the courts.

Under the petition, the government said that it looks disgusting to see if somebody is sucking his thumb. It also lacks in terms of moral values.

A source said that it was insistence of additional Solicitor General PP Malhotra to include thumb-sucking exercise as an abusive oral sex activity and highly condemnable under the gay sex activities. PP Malhotra's close associate said that by Malhotra came to such a weird conclusion after reading an article.

Malhotra told the court, "Our Constitution is different and our moral and social values are also different from other countries, so we cannot follow them."

He went on to argue that societal disapproval of gay sex is strong enough reason to criminalise it. It is an offence because it is unnatural, he said. Sucking thumb is another unnatural activity, he said. To prove his claim he said "Sucker and fucker or sucking or fucking has only one word difference which also proves my claim."

However, lobby of children under 4 years was furious over the government's statement. President of the 
association of Children Rights Under 4 (CRU-4) and 4 years old Champu Sharma said "It's my thumb it's my mouth and it's my decision to put wherever I want. What the hell the government is trying to say? I am not going to put my thumb in PP Malhotra's mouth who feels it as a gay activity."

He also said that kids feel sucking thumb is a kind of relaxing activity after the hectic schedule of many activities through-out-day.

"Just sucking our thumbs make us gay.. what the hell this government thinks," said Archana Pandey on behalf of her 3 and half year old son Chintu Pandey. She said "The government is raising the rage among its future vote bank and it would get difficulties in electing Priyanka's kids as future prime ministers."

Scientists at Indian Institute of Science (IIS) also confirmed that though thumb-sucking does not look natural, it can't be treated under unnatural too.

"The government's officials are idiots and how can they include an innocent exercise of small kids as a gay activity," said R Gopalakrishnan, a faculty of IIS.

Karan Johar, a movie director and expert in Hindi Film Industry with gay perspective said he would not agree with the government's claim that thumb-sucking is a part of oral sex.

"I don't think thumb-sucking is gay gesture. I don't use thumb to suck. The idea fucks... yucks..," said Karan Johar, famously called K-Jo.

Congress spokesmen came in front to stop the government's fall-out in this case.

Manish Tiwary, Congress' spokesperson said "At Congress we always supported the freedom of thoughts and freedom of behavior. It is the claims of Additional Solicitor General and in no way involve the views of Madamji, Rahul Baba, Manmohanji or Diggyji."

Diggy Chacha told Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) reporter said "People use to talk nonsense and show less wisdom. Actually, I never inserted my thumb in my mouth. Therefore, I can't say anything about the issue." Follow Diggy Chacha on Facebook, Google+, Twitter


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