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Thursday, 21 July 2011

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“Throw Misrule of Behenji,” Rahul Baba asks Congress youth

Inspired from Mahatma Gandhi for protesting rulers in non-violent manner and farmers first policy and Jawaharlal Nehru to work continuously 24 hours, World's most intelligent Guru's proud Shishya Rahul Baba said Mayawati "Quit UP" just like Mahatmaji said British "Quit India".

Congress General Secretary Rahul Baba urged the youth to work hard for reviving Congress in Uttar Pradesh and absolve it of the alleged "misrule" of the Mayawati-led BSP government. DCFC reporter asked one of the Rahul Baba's supporter that why after 5 years Rahul Baba feels that youth should come forward and Behenji is doing a misrule. He said your way of thinking is totally wrong. Rahul Baba almost every day called UP's youth leader over last 5 years about the developments and their protest performance for Behenji's "misrule", however, he was such a lazy guy that Baba now himself had to come over here. This was the suggestion from Diggy Chacha as "strange coincidence" of UP elections has also come on the same time. The reporter asked but why now why didn't he come over last 2-3 years. "He was busy rallying other states which had elections," the supporter said. "You must remember he also had local train visit in Mumbai few years back to understand local train traveler's problems," he added.

Editor's Note - DCFC understood from various sources that in the local train's bogey only security personnel, few travelers and Congressmen were travelling. When Baba asked them their problems, they said they are very happy in the Congress rulings and will be more than satisfied if Rahul Baba takes over India's PM ship. However, many daily travelers have told DCFC that in spite of that visit no problem of theirs solved, yet.

Coming back to the topic, in a meeting with the party's youth brigade at Syed Modi railway stadium, he said that the youth should come forward to propagate the centre's "people-oriented policies and programmes", and unearth the "anti-people and anti-farmer policies" of the state government. Hmmmm… long speech/dialogue with people and farmers (may be both are different). However, Rahul Baba didn't maintain anything that what youth will do in the umbrella of Congress' many old age politicians.

Besides inviting youth to come forward, Rahul Baba tore apart the working of BSP in UP. Targeting Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati over the irregularities in the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi said that if a scam of this proportion would have happened in Delhi or Maharashtra (these two states are led by Congress Party) then the government there would have fallen.

Editor's Note - Diggy Chacha must be happy with this statement as Rahul Baba killed two birds in one shot. On one place he proved Behenji has corrupted even rural health program in UP (what Behenji you could have left farmers at least) and on the other he gave a clean chit to Delhi (he convincingly forgot CWG scam) and Maharashtra (best known for Adarsh Housing Society scam). There is one question Rahul Baba why Delhi and Maharashtra and why not Haryana? Also why not Bihar and Gujarat (just because BJP rules these states)?

Clearly, the Uttar Pradesh government appears cornered over the NRHM scam even as it fights to contain the damage caused by the multiple controversies surrounding the land acquisition policy of the state.

Among the findings of the Central team that reviewed the implementation of NRHM in UP, the most glaring is the purchase of 779 ambulances at a cost of Rs 54.56 crore last year - with as many as 620 of these are still parked at the Tata Motors yard unused.

The other big irregularity that has been unearthed is in the buying of medicines. It has been found that they were brought at exorbitant rates, causing a loss of atleast Rs five crore.

DCFC reporter asked one Congres spokesperson why all the scams are coming before 1 year of the elections? What all the government agencies were doing for over last 4 years? Proudly the Congress spokesperson told us that what government agencies are you aware that P Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle) has already discredited them as saying they don't have any intelligence. It's only because the findings of Diggy Chacha's Private Intelligence Bureau that is giving all the reports of scam. You wait until the elections are over you will be hearing a lot of scams.

Baba later left for Mau district where he will address a similar meeting.

He is on a two-day tour to promote membership campaign of the Youth Congress in Uttar Pradesh.

After his kisan sandesh yatra in western UP earlier this month where Rahul Baba carried out foot march in villages in Gauttam Buddha Nagar and Aligarh, this is the second programme of the Congress leader in the state.

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