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Friday, 22 July 2011

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Revitalise Congress and end Chamcha Raj says Congress veterans

Congress' deprived and needy community of senior leaders assembled at the Constitution Club on Thursday for a brainstorming (?) session on "how to revitalise" (?) the party. Organised by former union minister (?) and senior leader Aslam Sher Khan, the chintan baithak also deliberated on ways to inspire partymen to strengthen the political system, governance and national values (?). When a DCFC reporter came across with the above mentioned news in a news paper it thought that today is April 1 and the news reporter is fooling everybody. However, checking and rechecking the news had made it clear that it is based on a true event.

Initiating the discussion, Khan said though the Congress is capable of fighting corruption, communalism, it "needs proper guidance and direction".

Former MP JK Jain said: "There are so many general secretaries (?). They hardly interact with the leaders of states, which are under their charge. They don't even seek advice from their bhule bisre (forgotten) leaders….There should be regular interactions and exchanges between us and the general secretaries and the Congress president as well."

Another senior leader Sunil Shastri said: "The Congress party is ill. It needs to be revitalised. We have faith in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, but our powerhouse is surrounded by few people and we can not meet them. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi should understand that party cannot be run by just one or two people".

The entire event and has raised few serious questions.

Suddenly why all Congress veterans under the leadership of "former" Union Minister met? Why didn't this meeting conduct by an existing Union Minister?

We tried to take the answer from a senior Congress leader (not so deprived and supporter of our favorite Diggy Chacha). Over last 7 odd years, Congress party has shown a tremendous growth (what about nation boss?). However, it didn't able to transform it into Congressman's growth and few people felt that they have left deprived in the middle. Currently, all the existing Union Ministers are happy and satisfied with the love that Congress Party, Madamji and Rahul Baba are giving. These people had a light of hope before the Ministerial expansion; however, they couldn't be named. Therefore, this meeting they had taken. He said that there is no issue until they have tremendous respect and devotion towards Madamji.

Brainstorming/even brain in Congress looks strange word? Please elaborate how and since when does the brainstorming in Congress started?

The Congress leader said we are trying to take a detailed enquiry about the use of particular word as brainstorming is only among Madamji, Manmohanji, Rahul Baba, Diggy Chacha, Chiddu Uncle, Kapil Sibal, Pranab Mukherjee and Salman Khurshid. As soon as Diggy Chacha was informed about the use of this word he put his private intelligence bureau (DCPIB) on a work. He said according to DCPIB actually brainstorming (invented in 1890-95) originally means a severe mental disturbance (check However, in Congress brainstorming means apart from Madamji nobody will use his/her brains. So DCFC pursued the process of brainstorming in Congress Party High Command, unwillingly the leader said Madamji asks everybody whether is there any problem, all the panelists say "no", then she says ok fine the meeting is over.

The said deprived section of Congress discussed on "how to revitalize". How would it happen? Over last 100 years there is no change, how can they bring any sudden change? The leaders also discussed to strengthen political system, governance and national values which are not a cup-of-tea for the Congress (or say for all parties). How is it possible for the party to adapt new principles suddenly?

The leader said Rahul Baba is already revitalizing the party under the guidance of Diggy Chacha by meeting farmers, young leaders and mining workers and representatives of different castes. Whatever scams our party mates did, Diggy Chacha is willingly answering them (read Kalmadi and Chavan are innocent). Non party scamsters are properly supported by inventor of Zero Loss Theory, Kapil Sibal and Salman Bhai Khurshid. I don't think there is any need to revitalize party. Regarding, strong political system, transparency in governance and national values, Congress party was always aware of. It was the first party to plan to introduce a Bill at party level and Parliament level in 1950 and we are very much hopeful that we shall able to introduce it in 2020, if Indian voters  vote us give clear majority in the next elections.

The section raised question that Madamji and Rahul Baba are surrounded by General Secretaries and leaders and party workers don't have access to them?

The leader said the Congress is a most democratic party in India. It has its working process. Rahul Baba is the most popular celebrity in the world so it's difficult for him to get in touch with everybody. However, he took a lot of effort to be accessible to 99% of party workers and trying to reach to 100%.

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