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Thursday, 21 July 2011

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Diggy Chacha’s schedule for the month (Tightly Packed)

World's most intelligent leader, innovative, inventive and the most humble (Gandhian approach) leader, Congress Gen. Secretary Digvijay Singh (our Diggy Chacha) has disclosed his schedule to his closed associates prepared by Diggy Chacha Private Intelligence Bureau (DCPIB) in consultation with Diggy Chacha Factory of Innovation (DCFI). The copy of schedule was made available by one of the closed associate withholding his name. The schedule is very pack and full of contents. We would like to share the schedule for the month of Diggy Chacha. Please take a look.

Calling Madamji regularly (4-5 times a day) to discuss on strategic decisions every day
Decisions involved
Deciding whether to extend term of PM Manmohan Singh by everyday
Attack on RSS and VHP
Discussion on progress of Rahul Baba's tuition

Private tuitions of Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Baba) everyday early in the morning at 9 a.m. As Rahul Baba frequently visits UP, the tuitions will be held on phone. Tuitions will also involve discussions about how to rule India. Tuitions will also include presentation of reports made available by DCPIB and DCFI. Recent achievements of both the organizations are calculations of 99% terror attack have been stopped, Mayawati has done NRHM scam, Land acquisition issues in UP, PM should not be under Lokpal Ambit, etc., which Rahul Baba have successfully induced.

Meeting high level authorities of DCPIB to understand progress on the issues like RSS terrorism, BJP's backwardness, Mayawati's scams and murders and Madhya Pradesh MP's fraudulent money. The high level authorities are currently working on how to prove guilty as innocent and innocent as guilty. Diggy Chacha recent statements that Kalmadi and Chavan are innocent while Ramdev Baba is thug were based on findings of these authorities only. Currently work assigned is to find out location of RSS' bomb factories, Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba as they are supported by RSS were they involved in Mumbai terror blasts (task is urgent before August 16, 2011), prove innocence of small kids Suresh Kalmadi and 
Ashok Chavan and Mayawati's exposure to new scam.

Visit to Azamgarh also continuously in touch with Rahul Baba and Madamji who plan to explore entire Uttar Pradesh after 5 years.

These are the snapshots of Schedule for Month of Diggy Chacha. We shall keep you updated.

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