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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

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“Madamji once ticked me off, but still I am telling truth,” Diggy Chacha

Ha. Ha. Ha… a sweet but shrewd laugh came from the mouth of the most intelligent man on the earth and Rahul Baba’s Mentor (though he humbly denies), Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) and said “Yes Madamji called me asked not to create mockery on Chidduji.” One of Chacha’s supporters told DCFC reporter that Madamji called Chacha and said “I know everything; it was not required to tell me that he was intellectually arrogant. Say sorry to him and I will give you a chocolate. He is now angry and told Chacha that he was not going to the office. Chacha apologized Chidduji and it was like Ram Bharat milap,” told the supporter while wiping his tearful eyes.

Diggy Chacha said proudly that was the only gag on me. Chacha was in conversation with Karan Thapar on “Devil's Advocate” programme on CNN-IBN. 

In another important disclosure by Chacha, he humbly requested that don’t consider him as an adviser or mentor to Rahul Baba. Asked whether his controversial statements were bringing Rahul Gandhi a bad name as he was Mr. Gandhi's adviser, the AICC general secretary said “Absolutely wrong. I am neither an adviser nor a mentor to Rahul Gandhiji.”

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