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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

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Diggy Chacha under mental trauma; his brother Suresh Kalmadi has “Dementia”

In a major twist in CWG scam case, our hero of this blog and Rahul Baba’s Guru (though he humbly deny it) Digvijay Singh’s (Diggy Chacha) brother like Suresh Kalmadi (Suru Uncle) suffers from “Dementia”. Dementia is a strange disease and related to the functionality of brain. According to National Center for Biotechnology Information and U.S. National Library of Medicine Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. It affects memory, thinking, language, judgment, and behavior. In simple words, Suru Uncle was mentally not fit for thinking and taking any judgment. He also has a memory loss problems. 

The 66-year-old MP our beloved Suru Uncle (before the development DCFC thought Suru Uncle was was one of the most intelligent persons in India, Please note Diggy Chacha is the most intelligent person in universe) from Pune was recently taken to Lok Narayan Jai Prakash Hospital where an MRI scan was conducted on him. Deputy inspector general of Tihar R N Sharma said dementia at a preliminary stage was mentioned in the medical history submitted to jail authorities by the family members.

Editor’s note - The final report for Suru Uncle’s diagnosis of Dementia is yet to come. DCFC will change its statement accordingly.

As soon as, Diggy Chacha heard the news he opened his eyes to allow tears to flow from his eyes. To avoid any hindrance he removed his specs as well. “He was totally stunned,” said a witness of the emotional scene of Diggy Chacha. Chacha said “See, do you remember just sometime back I said that my beloved brother Suru was innocent. The people, the media and particularly DCFC made mockery of me. But now I can take my brother in front of everybody in the world and will say he is innocent like a kid.” Diggy Chacha said “Suru had this trouble since last 4-5 years and that was the reason why Madamji gave him the position of CWG where there was no work to do.” DCFC reporter asked the witness that then why did Congress chose him as the head of CWG if he had such a severe problem. The party could have rested him. The witness said that the party always favored guaranteed employment (e.g., Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) and it felt that Suruji could work with taking some rest. Further, Indian sports do not need any mental pressure as there is no requirement of brain to take any decision, ask Mr. KPS Gill. Therefore, party felt that Suruji is the best candidate.

DCFC reporter asked a legal expert what will happen to the case now. The legal experts said "If it (dementia) had settled at the time of offence, it may have a bearing on his culpability. As per the law, a demented person suffers from a global memory loss. If there is a memory loss at the time of the commissioning of the offence, it is not possible to have a fraudulent intention.”

Asked whether this could be used as an alibi by the accused to skirt the trial in the CWG scam, the expert said, "it’s a general trend that people take such recourse. What needs to be established is when the disease has affected him. Only after that one can decide whether it will have bearing on the case or not." The DIG said the advice was for an entire health check-up and not specific to mental illness.
BJP Senior Leader said “Suru had done a wrong thing. On Saturday only we decided Karnataka’s Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa’s doctors will announce his dementia on Tuesday. We can’t understand how do this news get leaked. However, we shall fight against Suru’s dementia drama. How is it possible for him to do the entire scam while a patient of dementia? How does the Congress party assign such an important position to a dementia patient?”

Few highly emotional comments on web on Suru Uncle’s dementia
One writer had given an interesting insight. He says Diggy Singh "Kalmadiji is innocent. Just like Osamaji, Kasabji, Mullah Omarji, Hafiz Saeedji, Afzal Guruji, Maulana Masood Azarji and all fellow lovely beard men." Kalmadiji's arrest was setup by RSS & VHP

Mr Suresh Kalmadi is reported to be sufferring from dementia, if so why he got his brain checked now and not b4 CWG. His best treatment is to cofiscate his property made by CWG loot, he wd get his memory back. Congress party wd do everything possible to get him free w/o any harm to him. Digvijay Singh has already started the process.

Oh wow.. good one kalmadi ... he would forget anything except for his swiss acc numbers

The whole of India is suffering from dementia. That is why that keep voting in Congress government.

One guy has introduced few interesting terminologies. He said Wow we have ZERO LOSS MINISTER, now MEMORY loss MP better UPA to check how many more LOSS causing ministers exist to the exchequer? Bravo India you been served by great Loss making people

Diggy's comment would be "See I told u. He is innocent. He cannot even remember anything now. Poor chap doesn't know where the money has gone". Kalamadi has set a new benchmark in "escapist politics". Wish the thousands of under-trials in the country are let off with such medical wonders discovered by the l(i)yars (sorry lawyers).

Yesterday, he (Suru) and his lawyer saw the movie Gajini......

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