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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

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SibalNama Episode-4 – “Raja feared of Sibal Uncle says did not seek to implicate PM and FM”

In a previous episode of SibalNama, we saw A Raja unaware of his friend's consistent efforts made a big mischief. He told Manmohan Singh (Manji) and P Chidambaram (Chidduji) were aware of the issue of 2G licenses. However, it created a lot of problems for Sibal Uncle who was in charge of save Raja campaign. Senior leaders of Congress Party, like Pronobda and Veer appaji both made harsh statements on Raja. However, Sibal Uncle came in front of everybody to save Raja as like Krishna saved Draupudi. Sibal Uncle said whatever A Raja said cannot be considered as evidence without directly accusing A Raja.

One Congress insider said that even Sibal Uncle was not aware that nobody informed Raja that Uncle is trying to get the bail for him and trying to give him a justice. The insider said that they both had a real friendship just like Jai and Veeru in Sholay. He added "Veeru is right now trying to save Jai from the media's (Gabbar) bomb attack."

Overnight Raja got a call from a close associate of Sibal Uncle who helped him understand the entire situation and how Sibal Uncle is trying to save him. Insider said "Raja was stunned and asked forgiveness from his best friend. He told out of illusion otherwise he wouldn't have made such stupid statement." Raja assured Sibal Uncle that morning before brushing his teeth and eating edli sambaar he will make a "U" Turn from his earlier statement.

Keeping his words, A Raja on Tuesday told a court he had made an "error of judgment" in granting of 2G licences when he was the communications minister and alleged his trial was "highly unfair". Raja's lawyer Sushil Kumar told the special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court that any human being is entitled to make an error.

A day after he dragged in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and home minister P Chidambaram into the 2G spectrum scam, Raja clarified that he did not intend to frame anyone.

"Main kisi ko phasana nahi chahta tha (I had no intention of framing anyone)," Raja's lawyer said on his behalf when the names of Manji and Chidduji were taken in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) special court presided over by judge OP Saini.

2G Case - Twists and Turns

He also said Raja's statement was misrepresented by the media. Kumar, however, wanted Chidduji to testify as a witness in the 2G case.

Reiterating Salman Bhaai, Sibal Uncle and Diggy Chacha's view, he termed his judicial custody as illegal detention and sought "forthwith release". The rumor across the street is Raja is going to announce a "fast-unto-death" before even Anna Hazare if the Court does not grant him a bail. The news is not yet confirmed by any authenticate source.
Raja has joined the list of politicians who are not happy with the representation of Media. "I did not seek to implicate the Prime Minister and the then Finance Minister in 2G case," senior advocate Sushil Kumar, counsel for Raja, told Special CBI Judge O.P. Saini.

The DMK leader squarely blamed the media for his alleged accusations against the Prime Minister and the then Finance Minister, saying 'they (media) cannot put words in my mouth. Ask them to report truthfully or go out of the court room'.

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