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Monday, 24 December 2012

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Sushil Kumar Shinde took strict action against himself for making notorious statements

Popular for making notorious statements, India's Home Minister took an extreme step and punished himself after comparing Delhi rape protestors with Maoists. Sushil Kumar Shinde pulled out his 6-ft long tongue and convinced media that as he would take action against himself he would also battle against crimes against women and would meet DGPs and Chief Secretaries on 4 January to discuss tackling crime against women across the country.

"Everyone will ask of every government… We should not go anywhere. Tomorrow 100 adivasis can be killed Chhattisgarh or Gadchiroli, can the government go there? It is because this is Delhi you want us to go there," he said in an exclusive interview with Rajdeep Sardesai on CNN-IBN.

However, after the statement was passed, Shinde who looked a bit conscious put his hand on his forehead.

Worried a bit, he said "Errr.... What did I say? I was not supposed to make this kind of statement. I promised Soniaji that I would not be saying anything damn foolish after the Jaya Bachchan and Bofors incidents. Oh Gosh! If I had replaced this tongue last month only, its validity is expired now. Oops! Rajdeep before action on any other guy I have to take action against me."

Suddenly, Shinde moved his hand in his mouth, insanely pull out his tongue from its root and gave it in the hand of Rajdeep Sardesai. Shocked Rajdeep Sardesai threw the blood soaked tongue in the dust bin near his chair.

After the incident Shinde cleaned his face. However, according to sources Rajdeep Sardesai immediately left the show and found critical for next 1 hour. After his recovery, the show completed with Shinde talking using hand gestures.

A hand gesture recognition expert who was invited to understand what Sushil Kumar Shinde trying to talk, said "Shinde wanted to tell that pulling out own tongue was the only punishment for the tongue which is uncontrollable and make statements like a rapist rapes. Therefore, to show the integrity towards nation Shinde took such a severe action against himself. However, Shinde also confirmed that as he was a very important person for the country, nature would endow him with new and fresh tongue in next 3 months. Till then he would carry a hand gesture recognition expert for his meetings with DGPs and Chief Secretaries on 4 January to discuss tackling crime against women across the country. He also ensured that he would take steps against other criminals."

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