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Monday, 3 September 2012

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Survey: 89% Indians think Parliamentary sessions are reality shows rest thinks properly directed serials with episodes

Serial audience confirmed that Sas bahu serials have greater entertainment value
A survey conducted by on Survey Monkey suggested that most of the Indians think that Indian Parliamentary sessions are weird reality shows with lack of humour and tasteless.

"Tracking reality shows should generally be difficult as those are totally unpredictable. But India's reality shows are quite predictable and boring. We know that Indian Government would not able to run the session from the first day only and we also know what the climax is," said famous adGuru and socialite Suhel Seth.
The survey was conducted by India Today with the help of Survey Monkey with 17924 respondents gave their votes.
"We asked people whether they really get entertained by Parliamentary Session, what do they think is Parliamentary session and what is the entertainment value and humour quotient of the sessions," said Pradip Sinha, a survey organiser.
He said "Most of the respondents think that Indian Parliamentary sessions are reality shows with continuity of issues which were discussed in the last session. Only few issues come into light in the current session."
A deeper analysis of the Survey by India Satire Research Team (ISRT) suggested that the lack of entertainment value was leading to broadcasters refusing the session showing in prime time.
"We understood that Satyamev Jayate could have become boring and therefore we gave it a time slot of 11 am on Sunday instead of time slot of evening," said STAR India CEO Uday Shankar.
He said "From initial levels only, we knew that Aamir Khan's programme was boring but what could we have done as he was famous star and as like MPs he thought he was a damn good entertainer. Therefore, we offered him off Prime Time Slot on Sunday."
The survey results created a serious debate among the politicians and prominent personalities, who were earlier used to think that sessions are clearly good in generating humour and fun.
"This is shocking. Now it is responsibility of other MPs, particularly opposition party leaders to put in some humour and a bit of tadka in the sessions. Make them unpredictable like Sushma can dance and Lalkrishna can sing," said Congress senior leader Digvijay Singh.
He was a bit concerned that absenteeism of Rahul Gandhi in many Parliamentary sessions also makes them boring.
He said "Rahul Baba is hot cake in all Indian girls and aunties. To attract that crowd I demand Rahulji to attend all the sessions and take active part in discussing the Parliamentary topics."
Digvijay Singh's demand for greater role of Rahul Gandhi in the Parliamentary session received greater support from a great audience of many other Congress Party leaders.
The Survey also said that 11% were assuming that Parliamentary Sessions are well articulated serials where Ruling Party, Allies and Opposition Parties are politicizing useless issues as like saas bahu serials.
"I thought everybody in Parliament was thinking how to torture bahu Manmohan Singh on paltry coal issue and 2G issues while another bahu Soniaji sometimes come to the rescue. However, on the other side the other bahu Soniaji is actually pushing Manmohan Singh towards the hungry opposition leaders. Damn good theme and idea. I love that," said Rajan Pillai, serial Serial watcher and analyst of mainstream serials.
However, Rajan Pillai confirmed that daily Sas bahu serials have greater drama and real thriller than Parliamentary programmes.

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