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Friday, 24 August 2012

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Twitter reveals why Milind Deora's account got suspended

It was typo of Deora which created blunder and US guys suspended his account - Twitter
Apologising for mistakenly suspending the account of Milind Deora, India's minister of state of communications and information technology, Twitter official said that it was account holder's typographical error of 'cunt' instead of 'cut' made them suspending his account.
"Actually, Mr. Deora mistakenly typed 'cunt' instead of 'cut' which made us think that it was a mockery Governmen't announcement in a hideous way. Therefore, we closed the account believing that it was a fake account," said a Twitter official, without disclosing his name.
Milind Deora yesterday posted twit that Govt would cunt subsidies after 2014 or thereafter. Twitter is used to see many satires and jokes on its own platform mocking government's serious efforts of curtailing its expenditure and reduce fiscal deficit.
Official said "We apologise Mr. Deora and would request him to hold down for a while we shall start his account as soon as possible."
However, the account suspension drew serious outrage of Milind Deora who said "It's fuc*ing yaar. I like suspending people neither I wanted to get suspended . How can Twitter do that? It has to say sorry to me." 

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