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Monday, 27 August 2012

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How do you expect me to make same nonsense and feed satirists as Kapil did - P Chidambaram

These days I really feel stupid in front of Indian media. My words to their interpretation, it was a long process and it really sucks. They take out something from my mouth, interpret it and finally present it to world in a different way. Now it is common sense that if someone makes a bully why I would follow him. Sibal always claim himself as an intellectual despite from nowhere he seems. He is totally an inverse image of mine. While I am a humble, kind and hopeful person that guy is not really near to any of these words. Therefore, it is totally a baseless claim that I took his word and word in explaining my theory of subjective profits in coal in the way of objectively not achieving it.

I also observed that media is idiot. Last time what I told was buying tomato is not that expensive than buying a pizza. So what was the problem with that? Middle class can always buy tomato and bread in various shops and then convert them into pizza so that they would not really feel the ire of inflation. But this nonsense media again took it with its convenience and just explained the situation in its own way. So this idiot media can't understand what my statement was.
Now I will take with both of them Sibal and media. What did I say on coal if we recall word by word I told if coal is not mined if it remains buried in mother earth where is the loss? Boss thing is simple we issued licenses and after issuing licences we stopped miners from mining. So whatever we gained, here listen to me I am not saying we have zero loss or zero gain Sibal you also listen to me, it is not zero loss or zero gain, so whatever we gained is gain and neither we lost a rupee nor we lost coal. So finally we have all the gains only. Where do you find such an efficient government system?
That is why I told that we have no zero loss also we have no loss of coal. Coal is still in the mother earth.
William Shakespeare once told me "Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." Kapil Sibal is of 3rd category while I am first so don't compare him with me.
William also told me few years back "A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."
Now to media my message is clear. I am going to consider an introduction of new tax in this year's budget. It is a Press Transaction Tax that will be levied on the entire process of Press which starts with a leader talking something, then press give him coverage and after that bullies him with its own view. This PTT will tear media apart and whatever fun it made over me for last many years, I will take the revenge.

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