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Thursday, 9 August 2012

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Amul milk will be much thicker this year due to drought

Thirsty Amul Cow
Vadodara: Gujarat
Cows and buffalos to drink less water - GCMMF
Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), producers of Amul milk said today that it will pass on all the benefits of the drought to end user this year. GCMMF said this time it will produce much thicker milk with small layer of cream on the milk on account of reduction in the consumption of Cow and Buffalo's water.

"Whatever less water that our cows and buffalos will consume, the ultimate benefit will be passed on to the consumers," GCMMF's managing director R S Sodhi told India Satire.
Recently, a study revealed that Amul’s milk is thinner than water. However, this year would be probably the other case.
He said "We also assure that our Amul Tazaa Milk will give a small layer of cream as well. Consumers can enjoy tea with cream for next year."
Indian Meteorological department (IMD) recently said that monsoon this year was 22% below average. GCMMF's cattle is a one of the biggest consumers of water which helped the producer to process milk thinner than water. However, 22% below average monsoon will straight a way help the company to reduce water intake of cattle and therefore the benefits will be just passed on to the consumers.
However, according to sources all the cows and buffalos are going to protest against GCMMF's decision to curtail the water consumption and are expected to announce hungers strike.

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