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Thursday, 5 July 2012

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An article by Hindustan Times unliked by many readers received many likes due to Facebook blunder

IT student ridiculed by his mother and left by his girlfriend on clicking like button

(An article 'Radical Sikhs blame Pak Muslims for sexual abuse in UK' received a wide criticism as HT itself added 'Radical' word to the original headline. However, helpless readers have to click on the Like button due to Facebook's blunder.
"Guys, Facebook sucks and HT is all time big loser! Today morning my Mom was asking me by watching my Facebook post that don't you have mother and sister that you liked HT's ridiculous word 'Radical Sikhs' for people who were trying to protect their mothers and sisters in UK. Even my girlfried left me telling I am ridiculous," said Joy Oberoi, an IT student in Mumbai.
He said "Actually I didn't like the article but I was helpless as it had only one option of clicking Like button.")

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