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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

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Calling "Chinky" could land you in jail for five years

As usual Government made unclear stand, many questions are not sorted out
While calling residents of north-eastern areas "Chinky" has now become a punishable offence with a maximum imprisonment of five years, is a welcome step it has raised many questions and how the government would tackle to those issues.

India is famous for pet names, which are generally given by mummy and papa of the kid or the names which alloted by fans of many people. For example Amitabh Bachchan, to whom with love we call as Big-B while his son as Baby-B, his daughter-in-law as Bahu-B and his granddaughter as Beti-B. However, we don't call his wife as Biwi-B as it would definitely ask another question who is A.
Unfortunately, as usual government's law is very much ambiguous and customised to appeal certain sections of the society while it totally ignored many other sections, particularly politicians.
Many politicians, though they themselves might feel derogated are called by their pet names. Now serious looking P Chidambaram is popularly known as 'Chiddu' while Digvijay Singh as 'Diggy Chacha'. Government's law is silent about these pet names.
Interestingly, if we don't consider 'Chinky' as pet name then what if Chidduji wants to name his grandson/daughter as 'Chinky' and what will happen to the name 'Chinky' in Munnabhai MBBS. Many questions are yet to resolve. However, while the government's regulations are unclear nobody else has give any statement on the issue.

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