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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

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To chill down team Anna wave, Government offers the team free 3G iPhones with huge collection of porn movies

Government's scheme will keep team Anna 3G mein busy

Irritated with team Anna's derogatory remarks on the government, particularly for Union Ministers, Empowered Group of Ministers (e-GOM) of India plans to offer the team free 3G iPhone under the scheme '3G mein busy'. The !dea came in the mind of Kapil Sibal, a top brain of the government who forwarded to other members of the group which immediately accepted by them.

"Kudos Kapil Sibal, the idea is best as it will keep team Anna busy in accessing high quality internet contents, games and other many interesting and entertaining stuff," said A K Antony, Minister of Defence.

Sources said that the phones will have various funny and notorious stuff that will help team Anna keep busy in 3G entertainment rather than pulling government's legs. This includes high resolution porn content in HD and 3D resolution. It will look all the fetish and bizarre stuff in the worldwide porn industry.

According to source, the government believes that it would chill down the team Anna's flood of remarks. The source said "Every phone with huge backend support will be having thousands of small and big porn movies and also free downloading from various pay sites on the internet. iPhone is as it is porn friendly phone."

However, no minister has confirmed about the development and keeps their mum.

"We are trying to resolve the matters in our ways. Our idea is to remain polite and indifferent with humble face and non-stupid behavior. We like to use polite language and not to use like those fu*king idiots and ba**ards on the interent uses," said Kapil Sibal, who was behind this development.

Congress spokesperson, Abhishek Manu Singhavi however confirmed that to keep team Anna calm, government has to take few notorious steps like keeping some naughty stuff on the phones.

He said "See what can we do? Now the level of entertainment is different and demand is something different. Experience shows that even sensible and most intelligent breed in universe like politicians can get engaged in porn content, then what the f**k is team Anna. We believe that it would be sufficient them to engage on the porn... sorry phone."

Most intelligent person in the Congress Party, Chacha Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) also cherished with the development.

He said "I am pi*sed of with government's slow pace in taking decisions. If I would have been in the active politics rather than on temporary retirement I would have used this tactic to break the power brokers in the last year only. I*iot Kapil."

Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) reporter tried to take the views of team Anna. Team Anna's important member Arvind Kejriwal said "Let government use all tactics but team Anna is strong with its principals and we will not let us lose this battle against government."

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