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Monday, 19 March 2012

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Amazed by his popularity, Government set high level CBI enquiry on Arindam Chaudhuri

Sources said Arindam Chaudhuri's fan base is correlated to size of his pony-tail

India's only international economist, international tink-tank (oh sorry think-tank), international author, international film maker, international dean, international management author, international marketing guru, management guru, and guru of gurus, Arindam Chaudhuri (popularly known for his internationally acclaimed pony tail as well) is now under government's radar for collecting more than 1mn fan base on the social networking.

"He is irritating and boring. Whenever I watch his youtube videos, I feel like make a suicidal attempt and give a note on his name so that at least his 32 tooth will go behind the bar, which he keeps open for 24 hours," said Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) in a fully packed press conference.

"I don't understand how he can get more followers than Rahul Baba, who has buttery face with cute grin," Chacha said, expressing his frustration plus depression.

He further continued "Because of my efforts, today Baba is most well sought bachelor in the hearts Indian woman. He is the real heart-throb still I feel jealous with the following that Arindam has got and therefore I complained Sibal Bhai to look at the case and if there is any internet fraudship case he can take necessary steps."

Arindam Chaudhuri has 1,174,178 followers while Rahul Baba's fan page followed by only 165,764 fans.
Kapil Sibal who is inspecting this case said "See there is a zero loss if Rahul Baba would not have any fan, oh sorry I forgot. There is huge loss if we could not show the actual fanbase of Rahul Baba and the thing is right now Internet fraudship is rising as much as uncensored words and therefore we planned to put CBI on to the enquiry that how this pony-tailed Arindam received such huge fan base."

Diggy Chacha said "I have serious doubt that Arindam puts his college students on this job by distributing free laptops or he has connections with RSS or he created fraudulent Facebook Ids which I wanted to check. These days CBI is already a bit free so we decided them to ask to do this work."

While Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) reporter tried to get in touch with Arindam Chaudhuri, the IIPM Dean was busy in preparing 2013-14 budget for Rahul Baba so that at least this time he would get some attention from buttery face Rahul Baba and he would be appointed in the economic advisor's team for next government.

However, one source from IIPM told DCFC reporter that Arindam Chaudhuri's fan base is correlated to his pony. As the length of his pony grows his fans increase and as goes down his fans come down and therefore he kept his pony-tail as it is for so many years.

Few of the students from IIPM told DCFC reporter that they generally like to see Arindam's lectures rather than listen to him as there is a lot of fun quotient.

"Yea that's so funny. We feel we are highly entertained by him. Who the f**king idiot listens to him? We like his mannerisms which are more mesmerizing," said a student from IIPM who asks not to disclose his name.
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