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Friday, 11 November 2011

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Taking inspiration from Diggy Chacha's feeds, Twitter plans to start Feeder

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo's happiness is in seventh heaven these days. Reason is not that Twitter subscribers are growing and sending millions of tweets. It is rather personal pride than professional gains. "Since Digvijoy Shinghji (Diggy) joined Twitter the quality of tweets improved thousand times. He is very talented and his critical appraisal of a situation is the best I have seen ever," said Dick Costolo who also feels pride of the resemblance in the names of Dicky and Diggy, the most intelligent person in the universe.  DCFC has earlier covered Dick's love and affection towards Diggy Chacha in the article.

DCFC reporter was talking with Dick in an exclusive interview. He said "Tweet is not correct word for Diggyji's statements and therefore Twitter plans to start Feeder to give him and politicians who somewhat resembles his nature to feed."

"Yes instead of Tweets, it will be called as Feeds. This will open a new platform for Diggyji to make statements," Dick said.

When DCFC reporter asked Dick why this revamp of business. Dick was opened to reveal the secret. He said "Diggyji is high calibre person and requires special treatment. His words are nuclear bombs which always are bang on target. It will be disrespectful for him to call them tweets. Tweets look like romantic words of a blonde or brunette and reduce the intensity of Diggyji's words. Therefore, we thought to call them feeds. We know Diggyji likes to feed media and newspapers everyday, which is astonishing and something wonderful. Therefore, this is a lovely tribute to him."

But why Feeder? Why does Twitter need a new platform? Dick said "Diggyji's feeds continuously raising his popularity. His followers number do not justify the number people visited to see his feeds. There are millions of subscribers who track his feeds and at a time visit Twitter creating a tremendous amount of pressure on the servers. Therefore, most of the time servers of Twitter are down. Plus we thought that bullshitting is the new mantra of the world and many politicians want to learn how to make nonsense and stupid statements. Feeder will create a platform such politicians in the world. Diggyji will guide them in making such statements through Feeder."
What will be the brand identity for Feeder? Dick was clear in this case. "From first day onwards when I took this initiative I thought of making a beautiful "Crow" as Feeder's brand identity. I also discussed with Diggyji who seems to be happy."

DCFC contacted Congress Headquarters for the reaction to Twitter's development. However, the call was unanswered.

One supporter of Diggy Chacha without disclosing his identity said "Feeder will be a great initiative. Crow is a great symbol of spreading words. We are happy that Twitter identified the great calibre in Diggyji."

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