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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

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Chacha Amar meets Suresh Bhai at Tihar

There was a really bad day for Chacha Thakur Amar Singh (Chacha Amar) as in spite of his severe kidney damage he has to spend few days in not-so-comfortable to stay Tihar Jail. A person who is also famous as Chacha Chowdhary of politics said "I lost my kidneys and I am now living on borrowed kidneys. There are hazards of being in public life and there is infection in my urinary tract which is dangerous for my borrowed kidney." However, an inhuman angle of Indian democracy came in front of his fans. Judge asked him to take a rest at Tihar Jail, which according to Chacha Amar was not-so-comfortable. His lawyer said "Inspite of being so critically ill, he appeared before the court. That shows his good conduct. He is supposed to take regular tests to check the salt imbalances in his kidneys."

When Chacha Amar took to Tihar Jail, first thing he had done to meet his closest colleague and Diggy Chacha's beloved and innocent brother Suresh Kalmadi (famous for not having brain still operates efficiently). We have the records of their conversation. Please go through.

"Hi! It has been a long time to see you. How are you and How's life at Tihar?" Amar

"Yea its fine! I stay with myself working on a book called "How to become billionaire without spending money from pockets"" Suresh

"Ha ha ha… so you are writing your auto biography" Amar

"Yea you can say that. By the way these days you are on the top of google search results. You removed Anna from top search list. Congrates!" Suresh

"Actually, I thought it could have been after UP elections but CBI and government didn't give me time. I asked them to put me into hospital as I am a kidney (imbalanced) patient but they said Tihar Jail Hospital's facility is much better than Fortis or Apollo. By the way how's your brain? I heard you have some Ghazini like issues, some short-term memory loss problem. I also heard that your skull cells will be sent to Research organizations to check how you operate without having any brain." Amar

"Boss! That was all conspiracy against me. These people wanted me to prove mad so that they can take my entire property generated through CWG. I understand all these things of politicians. All are same. By the way, how is your big brother?" Suresh

"Arrey! He showed me doors as soon as it revealed that I was going to be held in cash-for-vote controversy by CBI. He told me that he is just an aam aadmi and don't want to have any relations with any politicians. Tell me! I helped him in getting farmer's degree from UP College of Scams and now he only derecognizes me." Amar

"Such a sad story yaar! Generally it happens. People start forgetting good things and stay away from corrupt politicians like you. By the way! My brother had recognized me and also offered his help sometime back. In a press conference Diggy said I am innocent." Suresh

"Yea I read that story. Forget it. Now feeling bad yaar. Behenji is sleeping in AC room and do you know some time back she sent empty private jet to Mumbai to get her favorite sandals." Amar

"How so lucky she is right now! But I believe that it will not take much time to arrive at Tihar to have elaborate discussion on issues in Jail. Then we can also conduct elections in Tihar Jail and let all prisoners appoint a Chief Minister for Jail. Even we can hold territory wise elections so that we can appoint Prime Minister for Tihar Jail. I believe she can at least fulfill her dream to become Prime Minister over here." Suresh said.

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