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Thursday, 23 August 2012

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Queen Elizabeth at least relieved that Prince Harry is not gay

Pictures showing Prince Harry and a young woman naked in a Las Vegas hotel room gave an immense happiness and relief to Queen Elizabeth who was earlier damn sure that Harry was gay.
"I am relieved. Prince is not gay he is straight. Though I can't see the length of his libido, I am now damn sure that he would not be entitled as the first gay King of Britain," said Queen Elizabeth with her no nonsense and still mysterious face.
The two photos of the 27-year-old royal, on gossip website TMZ, were taken on a private break with friends over the weekend.
The site reported that the prince was in a group playing "strip billiards".
Queen said "He he he he, strip billiards is funny game. I used to play with my dearest king when I was young. Now-a-days, I have to watch full cloth useless Olympics."
She told India Satire Correspondent in an exclusive interview that why she felt tremors of fear when she realised that Harry might be a gay.
"Whenever I used to see Harry's face, I used to feel like he has gay gesture something tempting and inviting towards male only. But thank God he is not gay. Charles look quite straight but not Harry," she said.
She was talking to India Satire correspondent over the real issues she foresee and happy that Harry would not be part of it.
Queen finally told correspondent "I think royal family is seriously moving towards the gay culture as the faces of each of new born baby pretends the same way. Features are getting deteriorated, first Charles, now Harry, and for God knows who would be other. I am happy that at least in my life I would not see any gay from my family."

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