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Friday, 16 March 2012

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Pranab Mukherjee started Union Budget day with 1000 push ups

Pranabda gunned out 3 enemies in the morning Mamata, Tulsian and Chiddu

It started as a big day in Pranab Mukherjee's (Pranabda) life. All finance ministers wait for this day, as all the bullshitting they are going to make next year depends on this particular day. This is the only day when all the Member of Parliaments and country listens them very carefully and seriously without interfering. It is called as day of Union Budget for India when finance ministers become Santa clause and opens up bag full of hopes and commitments without distributing real gifts.

Morning 7a.m. Suvra Mukherjee, spouse of Pranabda who just some time back sent mishti doi along with few roshogullas, yelled from kitchen.

"Romu, Romu shee whethor Pronobda is ready. Did he complete hish eating roshogulla and mishti doi," Surva didi asked servant Ramu, who left his work as it is and went to Pranabda's room.

After 5 minutes, Ramu came to Surva didi and told "Madam madam, Pranabda is not eating he is doing exercise. Something called push-ups he said."

Surva didi amazed "Right now he ish doing posh-ops..." she thought.

She went inside Pranabda's room "What happened Pronob? Why are you poshing up and down? Itsh not good for your delicate bonesh. Eat shome roshogulla and go to Parliament."

Pranabda who was busy in push-ups said "Shurva don't irritate me. I had a nightmare where Momota didi put her gun on my head and wash ashking me to roll back food shubshidy cut, fuel prish hike and Dinesh Trivedi wash laughing at me. And that Esshpee Tulshian wash shaying that my budget talk wash boring and he didn't undershtand a word. That focking Shiddu wash laughing and shaying that he had one dream bodget in hish kitty while I don't have any. That ish why I deshided 1000 posh upsh to anshwer all my enemiesh."

Then ignoring Surva didi completely, Pranabda completed his all 1000 push ups and took his towel delicately removing sweat from all over the body, looking at his biceps, triceps and swollen chest in the mirror, he first called Mamata didi.

"Didi, today I have 1000 posh ups and I am mush shtronger than anybody in the orth. Sho don't ashk my reshignation from Manmohanji," said Pranabda and cut the phone.

He called another number "Tulshian, today if you call my bodget ash bollshit or boring or doll I will give you a five."
"Shiddu, I will shee you in parliament," told Pranabda to Chiddu uncle.

Pranabda then ate his favorite roshogulla and mishti doi and headed towards bathroom to start a morning for dream budget.
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