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Friday, 30 March 2012

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Book Review: Sucked!

A story of sucked warrior - Manmohan Singh

Book Review: Sucked!

Author - Manmohan Singh


Presentation ceremony

In an packed presentation ceremony, Madam Sonia Gandhiji launched Dr. Manmohan Singh's autobiography 'Sucked!'. Many prominent personalities which include political entrepreneurs like Pt. Kapil Sibal, Chacha Digvijay Singh and Chiddu Uncle were present along with fully packed press reporters.


It's a story of a squeezed and sucked warrior of India. It is a good dark comedy with full of fun, dull fun, silent fun and no-fun incidences. The book is a different altogether from conventional autobiographies. The book introduces a new font called 'Silent' and almost 82 pages are blank allowing readers to guess what happened in Manmohanji's life and what was he trying to say. The book can be distributed into 3 parts, 1st is pre-prime minister era, 2nd is prime ministership and 3rd is views of people on Manmohan Singh and Manmohan's answers to them.

1st Part - Pre-Prime Minister era

99% content comprises of Pre-Prime Minister era of Manmohan Singh wherein he puts his achievements and great discipline of life in front of his viewers. "I was vocal before I became Prime Minister. Till then I didn't know the power of silence. The longest ever I spoke was in this era when I represented budget for 5 long years. Even Gurusharan Kaurji doesn't know but she is the person who heard me most. Otherwise I always felt I am a bit boring."

Manmohan Singh also shared a secret in this part. He said that there was no body squeezed him in this era of his life except his wife Gurusharan Kaurji. He said "Kaurji squeezed me so much that I planned to join politics for full-time from part-time but this turned into a comedy story of a prime minister who was then after squeezed and sucked by many more."

DCFC view: This is the most interesting part of his life in the book. This time he is vocal. However, author who is in a silence these days gathered many articles and converted many voice tapes into text to write his pre-prime minister era. He can get hold of readers in this part.

2nd Part - Prime Minister

This part is a little bit sucking and losing the grip of words in a diminishing way. Manmohan feels he was sucked up in this era by idiotic politicians and irritating co alliance guys who kept buzzing from their vocal chords making him feel bullshit. Entire part is blank as he feels that he achieved the power of silence since the start of his career and there is nothing to write. Author clearly mentions that the part is for those who are very intellectual and understands the realms of the limitless boundaries of silence.

In this part, Prime Minister feels he was sucked by many colleagues, competitors and rivals.

He said "I was squeezed by Madamji, Rahul Baba, idiot Diggy and Sibal, BJP, Mamata, Karunanidhi and many more. I was a bit relax in foreign tours only that also that Krishna took from me after Hina Rabbani Khar joined Pakistan's politics."

Studies showed that Mamata Banerjee and Karunanidhi contributed 50% of Manmohan's brain that was sucked.

3rd Part - Quotes and glance in future

As a hardcore Sardar, Manmohanji mentions that he would not retire till he feels and no one should dare to ask him about it. This sev enty eight page part shows the quotes and questions of various prominent personalities and answers on their questions. No guess, answers from Manmohan Singh are blank spaces to every question and quote.

Interesting chapter of this part is Gurusharan Kaur's (his spouse) jealousy to with whom he shared most his time listening Madamji.

A glance in Manmohan Singh's life
1.     Best word describe my life: Sucked
2.     Best word that I could use if not kept silent: Fuck
3.     Best Complement of my life: I give more face expressions than John Abraham
4.     Best Day in my life: When nobody asked me a single question or media didn't report my name for somebody else' bullshit.
5.     Worst Day in my life: Listening Pranab Mukherjee's budget speech which requires a lot of conversion.
6.     People I like most: Anna Hazare, Madamji, Rahul Baba
7.     People I hate most: Mamata Banerjee, Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sibal
8.     Favorite recent movie: Yamala Pagala Deewana
9.     Last time laughed: When Mamata Banerjee asked what is the 1st AC class sleeper coach ticket fare and when Diggy said he wants to become first Lokpal
10.  Last time cried: When Diggy said I am old
11.  Irritating: Listening nostril words of Mulayam Singh and listening Lalu Prasad Yadav who habitually says puck, puck but sounds like fuck, fuck and gudbak, gudbak which sounds like good buck, good buck.
12.  Boring: Listening idiotic innovations of Kapil Sibal, damn uneconomic.
13.  Best joke of my life: Karunanidhi told in a dinner party that Mamata Banerjee looks sexy


While our review gives a perception that the book looks boring, still it is better to read it fully. Plus it requires hardly 2-3 hours for completing this 270 pages book, as most of the pages are blank.

About Author

Manmohan Singh, though currently holds prime minister's position is finding his own identity.

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